" A Role Model " 

 Written and recorded in 2008. I was very impressed by a sermon I heard at my son's confirmation. I think we can all relate to someone who has had a big influence on our lives. Norah joins me on vocals.   

" Christmas, this Christmas." 

Recorded in Bradford August 2000 featuring my son Jonathan on Keyboards. Carl the studio owner played Bass Guitar. I actually started writing the song in December 1999, finishing it around May 2000. This song was played on BBC Radio Essex Christmas 2000 and BBC Radio Leeds Christmas 2012.


I wrote this song for Norah to sing and we recorded in summer 2005. In January 2006 Spencer Leigh played this song on BBC Radio Merseyside. I performed this song on the Andrew Edwards show BBC Radio Leeds April 2012.

"I Wonder" 

I wrote this song when I was 20. This solo version has a different last verse to he 1981 recording. I recorded this in summer 2005. " I Wonder 1981 " This is a more up tempo version featuring Jeanette on Piano and Colin Wilson on Bass Guitar. Colin was in " String Driven Thing" during the early 70's. 

The song was on an old cassette tape which I had transferred onto C.D. Recorded in Buckinghamshire. 


This is the first song I ever wrote. I was 19. The song features my 1970's friend and partner Harvey who played electric and bass guitar on this recording. We recorded the song June 1979 in Southend. During July that year we played live at BBC Radio Medway and this recording was also aired. It was another song found on the cassette tape.

" Something to Hide "

In June 2009 I met Phil and later that year I showed him this song. Phil put together a wonderful steel string Guitar part and we recorded the song in 2010. I play a nylon string Guitar and for the first time Bass Guitar. This is a short pop song with the words and music of verse one coming to me in a dream. Written in 2004. 

" The Great War " 

Written in 2009, this is a true story about the last Allied soldiers who died during the First World War. I had watched a programme which Michael Palin presented. Another great guitar arrangement by my friend and partner Phil. Recorded in 2010. Played on BBC Radio Leeds November 2012 on the Andrew Edwards show.

" Close All The Windows" 

This song was written after watching the first " Sex And The City " film - 2008. It specifically relates to a scene in which Carrie is in Mexico with her friends, following being jilted at her wedding. She actually asks for the room shutters to be closed. Recorded May 2010 with Phil on steel string guitar , me on nylon, Norah vocals and Christine bringing in strings and Piano using her Clavinova Digital Piano.

" Eva " 

This song is a tribute to the late Eva Cassidy.  I wrote the song in 2003 after reading a book titled "Songbird".  The song went through changes in tempo and key and was recorded in September 2010.  Christine Quirk, who is a member of the Halifax Choral Society, provides the vocals.  Nick and Phil play the guitars. 

" Clocks "

I wrote this short instrumental during the early 1980s.  For those who play guitar, I tuned the 6th string down one tone to D.

Recorded November 2010 

 " Billy "

This song was written in August 2010, and recorded during December that year.  Phil and I used an Ovation Guitar and Norah provides the vocals.  We wanted to create a song with a country feel.  

" Make Things Right "

Although I wrote this song in 2009, it was Phil who gave it a fresh modern feel with his electric guitar rhythm.  Phil also came up with the riffs.

I played a soft backing rhythm on my classical guitar.  I then added an instrumental and finally a bass guitar part.

Vocals by Norah. Recorded February 2011  

" Elaine "

I wrote this song when I was 20.  Nick-  guitar & vocals. Recorded Summer 2019. 

" New York Boogie "

This song was inspired following my visit to New York during late May early June 2011.  For the guitarists, a boogie is when the 6th note of the chord is added to beats 2 and 4.  This uptempo song has some wonderful solos by Phil.  Recorded in September 2013.  

" 9 Clifton Road "

 I started writing this song during Autumn 2005.  It was finished musically in 2011 and recorded during October/November.  I play Ovation and electric guitars, and Phil adds an electric guitar solo.  The wonderful sound of the Cello is provided by Alison Verity.  The song was inspired by my Godmother Ivy Hammond.  

" Angel " 

I wrote this song in November 2011.  Recording took place during December 2011 and January 2012.

Alison plays Cello, Phil electric Guitar with Norah providing backing vocals.

I sing and play an electro Acoustic Guitar. 

Norah believes Angel to be my best song yet.

I performed this song on BBC Radio Leeds. April 2012.  

" London Never Sleeps "

Phil and I used a lot of reverb on this song, to create a late night travelling home from London atmosphere.  We used a Yamaha nylon electro acoustic guitar.  Recorded March 2012.  

"The Long Dance" 

This song is a walk through from the 1950's to the naughties.  It was recorded in August 2012 and features: Nick and Phil on Guitars, Norah and Christine on backing vocals and Alison on Cello.  

"Closing the Book"

On the 10th August 2012 I wrote this song.  It took 40 minutes.  Although written on guitar, I heard a piano accompaniment so I asked Christine if she would come up with an arrangement.  Christine provided the vocal and this is one of my favourite songs.  Later Alison added some Cello on the instrumental.

Recorded August / September 2012.  


The song was inspired by the Dynamo Magician Impossible Watch T.V. series. I also teach John, who is Dynamo's grandfather on his Mum's side, guitar. Dynamos name is Steven Frayne.

Recorded in February 2013, my thanks go to Alison - Cello and Phil - guitar instrumental.Phil also helped to arrange and mix the song. 

"Song for our Children."

Recorded in May 2013. My thanks to : Nick and Phil - Guitars. Norah - vocals. Christine -backing vocals. Alison - Cello and Annabel solo on the last chorus. 

 " Pegasus Bridge "

This song was inspired by the book " The Devil's own luck " by Denis Edwards. It is a true story of events that happened from D - Day( 6/6/44) to the end of WW2. For many years my family knew Denis, however at no time did he refer to his experience during the war. The book was finally published some 55 years after 1945 !

Nick vocals and guitar.   Phil ukulele.   Recorded June 2013.

" It is an engaging song which tells a powerful story and it's well sung and accompanied "

Janet McLarty BBC Radio 2 producer. 

This song was played on BBC Radio Leeds by Andrew Edwards on 5/6/14. 

 " An Uncivil War "

The song was inspired by the T.V. programme " Who do you think you are ?" Jane   Horrocks. Originally written in Autumn 2007, I was never happy with the melody so I re-wrote it in August 2013. Norah on vocals, Alison Cello, Nick nylon string guitar and Phil steel string guitar solo. Recorded August 2013.

 " 1963 "

I wrote this song after watching cine films which had been transferred to DVD. The footage included my sister and I as small children. One film in particular started this song, it was seeing my Mum running up my Nan's path. The song was written in September 2013 and recorded in October. I play guitar and sing , Alison added some beautiful Cello.  The song was played on BBC Radio Lincolnshire by William Wright on the 18/2/15.

"Titus Salt " 

This song is about the 19th century philanthropist, Titus Salt. Titus was the creator of Saltaire a village built to improve the lives of his work force. Saltaire is near Bradford in West Yorkshire. The song was written during December 2013 and January 2014 with assistance from Norah and Phil. Recorded in February 2014 with guitars by Nick and Phil. 

"Summer love "

Written in February 2014. Recorded in March. Norah on vocals, Nick 12 string guitar, Phil nylon string guitar and Alison Cello. The song was played by Andrew Edwards on BBC Radio Leeds April 2014.

"The Lady with the Auburn hair "

Written in June 2014. Nick vocals and guitar. Neil percussion. Phil solo guitar and bass guitar. Recorded August / September 2019

"Courage "

Recorded during November / December 2014.

Nick guitar / vocals. Phil guitar and Alison cello. 

This song was played on BBC Radio Leeds by Andrew Edwards in January 2015.

Written for Norah. 

"Red Headed Woman "

Nick vocals / Ovation guitar, Phil acoustic bass guitar. 

Recorded January 2015. 

" Eva with Cello "

Recorded February / March 2015. 

Phil and Nick guitars, Alison cello and Norah vocals. 

" Dancing on the sand "

Inspired by the painting " Dance me to the end of love " by Jack Vettriano.

Recorded April 2015. Phil and Nick guitars. Nick vocals. 

"You were my friend " 

Recorded May 2015. Nick using Phil's beautiful Taylor 314 guitar.

Additional guitar  - Phil.  Cello  - Alison.  Vocals - Nick.

"Sunshine in Granada"

Influenced by a visit to this lovely Spanish city.

Nick used Phil's Taylor steel string.

Phil used Nick's Yamaha nylon string.

Recorded in July / August 2015.

" Our love will endure"

Norah - vocals. Nick - Guitar.  Phil - Additional guitar.  Alison - Cello. 

Recorded  September / October  2015. 

 " Easter Lilies" 

The Easter story. Recorded October / November 2015.

Nick guitar and vocals, Phil guitar and Chris on violin. 

 " Closing the book - Guitar "

A guitar arrangement of my 2012 song.

Recorded January 2016. 

Norah - vocals. Nick and Phil  - guitars. 

"Ballad of Robert and Harry "

The story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Recorded March 2016.

Nick - vocals. Nick & Phil - guitars. 

"The Boy from County Mayo " 

I met Denis Reilly in September 1973 when I started workout Barclays Bank International. He came from Westport and I wanted to tell his story. Written in 2016. Recorded February / March  2019. Nick vocals and guitar. Phil - acoustic bass guitar. 

 " Lost Love "

Recorded in May / June 2016.

Nick - guitar & vocals. Norah - backing vocals. Phil - guitar. Alison - Cello.

" Christmas in the air " 

Recorded  July / August 2016.

Nick - guitar and vocals. Norah - vocals. Phil  - Bass guitar. 

" Conservation "

Inspired by nature. Recorded January 2019. Written in 2016.

Norah - vocals. Nick - guitar. Phil - guitar and acoustic bass.

" It's not too late "

My anti bullying song. Recorded November / December 2016.

Norah - vocals.  Nick and Phil - guitars. 

" Seduction "

This song was recorded during January / February 2017.

Nick - guitar and vocals . Phil  - guitar 

" The Minstrel Song "

Recorded in the style of music from the Renaissance period.

Featuring Norah - vocals. Nick - guitar. Phil - additional guitar.

Alison - cello. 

Recorded February / March 2017. 

" Annie "

Nick vocals and guitar. Phil -guitar . Recorded May 2017.

Song influenced by the film  " Father of the Bride ". 

" I want you to know "

Norah vocals. Nick and Phil guitars. Recorded July 2017 

 " Don't forget to breathe "

I was at the dentist one time and looking worried. The dental assistant said " Don't forget to breathe ". Nick - guitar and vocals. Phil - guitar . Alison - cello. Recorded October / November 2017.

  " Hannah & George "

Written and recorded during October - December 2017. Hannah is a lovely lady living in Birkenshaw. Nick - vocals and guitar. Phil - ukele and guitar. 

" The Little Chapel "

The Little Chapel is in Manhattan, NewYork. It is where rescue and recovery workers rested in the aftermath of 9 / 11. Nick - vocals and guitar. Phil - bass line. Rebecca - oboe.

Recorded in February / March 2018. 

" Stronger Next Time "

This song was recorded during April  / May 2018. Nick and Phil  - guitars. Norah - vocal and harmony. 

  " Machine Gun Sally "

This song is about a fast talking partying lady. Recorded in May / June 2018. Nick guitar. Phil Guitar & bass guitar. Neil Percussion. 

" Longing "

Recorded in August / September 2018. Norah - vocals. Nick - guitar. Phil - guitar and acoustic bass. 

" The Water is Wide "

This beautiful Scottish ballad dates back to the 17th century. Norah - vocals, Nick - guitar, Phil - guitar solo and Alison - cello. Recorded July / August / September 2018.

" The Cat Who Came To Tea "

This is a children's song which hopefully will appeal to adults. 

Recorded November / December 2018. Norah and Nick vocals. Nick and Phil guitars. Phil acoustic bass. Neil percussion. 

" James Duffy " 

James Duffy was a soldier from County Donegal who fought in WW1 and received the Victoria Cross for rescuing wounded comrades. Recorded in February 2019. Nick - vocals and guitar. Phil - acoustic bass.

  " Shaking the dust ( from my shoes ) "

Recorded March / April 2019. Nick - guitar & vocals. Phil  - guitar solo.

The song is loosely based on a story about Norah's Grandad. He travelled from Liverpool to Australia. 

" All we have is love "

Recorded April / May 2019. Nick - guitar & vocals. Phil - solo and bass guitar. Neil - percussion. 

" An Ordinary Day ".

Recorded June / July 2019.

Nick - guitar and vocals. Phil - guitar solo.

" Hold me while I'm here " 

Written August / September 2019.

Recorded October 2019. 

Nick vocals / guitar. Phil - bass guitar. 

" Nan "

This is a song about my lovely Nan Clark.

Written January 2020. Recorded March 2020.

Nick - vocals and guitar. Phil - Ukulele solo. 

" Twice around the moon "

I first had the idea for this song on world mental health day in October 2019. 

Written January / February 2020. Recorded March 2020.

Nick - vocals and guitar. Phil - guitar and bass guitar.